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You can use a solvent specifically created for removing letters and numbers but you can also use fingernail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Turn the clothing inside out and using a piece of cloth or a cotton ball apply the solvent to the fabric directly behind the iron-on transfer you wish to remove. Wait a few seconds for the solvent to ...

How Do You Remove Iron-on Letters From Fabric?

The first way to remove iron-on letters requires wax paper and an iron. Heat the iron to the medium setting and fully cover the letters that need to be removed with wax paper. Next hold the iron over the letters for five to 10 seconds. Note that holding it on any longer than 10 seconds may burn the fabric. Finally remove the wax paper and ...

3 Ways to Remove an Iron on Transfer From Clothes…

Lay wax paper over vinyl letters. If the transfer is made of vinyl place wax paper over the letters and iron directly on the wax paper. The vinyl transfer will essentially melt and stick to the wax paper and you can peel the letters away from the shirt by removing the wax paper. This only works with vinyl transfers.

How to Remove Ironed-on Letters 2021 - March 2021

Ironed-on letters are a trendy way to accessorise your clothes and show off your personal style. Although it is very easy to iron on letters and labels it can be quite tricky removing them. Below are a few hints on how to remove ironed-on letters and labels. 1. Use Heat and Steam to Remove the Letters. First place the garment on a flat surface.

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Easy Removal of Iron on Transfer From Clothes

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