aluminium phosphating process

Zinc phosphating on aluminum. Mixed metal phosphating.

A. Zinc phosphating chemicals formulated for phosphating aluminium components are availableand used for decades. A. Hi. Zinc phosphating of aluminum has indeed long been done and it is often the practical answer for a mixed metal assembly or when production involves only a small percentage of aluminum.

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CRONAK Process for Zn-cd consists of 5-10 seconds of immersion in room-temp solution of 182 g/l sodium dichromate crystals(Na2Cr2O7.2H2O) and 6ml/l con.sulfuric acid. 2. Iridite 14-2 a chromate conversion coating for aluminium contains chromium(iv) …

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The process influences the phosphate coating as well as the surface of the metal substrate. The MnP concentration and acid ratio are shown to be of great importance for process control in Ni-accelerated phosphating while Tetra Na pyrophosphate concentration and total acid are essential for the Mg-accelerated phosphating process.

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The phosphating process was stopped at different process times (tph) of 2. 5 15 and 30 s [(a)-(d) respectively] on the dcgreased (indicated by I ) at the left of the figure the etched (indicated by II) if~ the middle and the electropoli- shed AI {indicated bv Ill) at the right.

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Conversion coating on aluminium can be basically in 3 different forms: chromate coating tri-cationic zinc phosphate coating and aluminium phosphate coating. Aluminium and aluminium alloys are treated by a corrosion resistant conversion coating that is called "chromate coating" or "chromating". General method is to clean the aluminium surface ...

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